Official rules for campsites and residential leisure parks


    Permission to enter, to occupy an emplacement or to stay on a campsite can only be given by the campsite manager or his representative. The manager is responsible for the good upkeep of the campsite and to ensure that the present rules are respected.
    Staying on the campsite implies full acceptance of all the present rules and engagement to comply with them.
    Domicile (or permanent residence) cannot be elected on the campsite.


    Unaccompanied minors can only be admitted with written permission from their parents. (See : Special conditions of sale "formalities").
    On arrival, in application of article R. 611-35 of the code of immigration and right of asylum, all clients of foreign nationality are required to complete a police index card with the following information  :
    - name and first names- date and place of birth
    - nationality
    - permanent adress
    Children under the age of 15 can be included on one of their parents' cards.


    All units of accomodation and camping equipment must be set up within the emplacement indicated and according to the directives of the campsite manager or his representative.  


    Open from 8.30am to 9.00pm (july/august) and from 8.30am to 8.00pm (april/may/june/september).
    Information on the campsite services, restaurants and shops, sports facilities, tourist attractions and useful adresses in the surroundings area can be found in the reception.
    Customer satisfaction and complaints are also dealt with at the reception desk.

    5 - DISPLAY

    The present rules are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and in the reception office. a copy is available upon request.
    Officially rated campsites will display their star-rating, their "tourism" or "leisure" status, and number of pitches assigned to each category.
    Prices of all the services on offer are on display at the reception, according to the conditions fixed by ministry of customer affairs.


    Please inform the reception of your intended departure on the previous day. Customers intending to leave before the reception opens are required to pay for their stay on the day before they leave. (See : Special conditions of sale "stay without booking - payment").


    Please avoid any noise or discussion which may disturb your neighbours. Audio equipment and power-tools must be adjusted accordingly.
    Please close car doors and boots as quietly as possible.
    Dogs and other animals must be kept on a leash and under constant supervision. They must not be left locked-up or alone ont he campsite in the absence of their owners, who are considered civilly responsible of them. (See : Special conditions of sale "noise and silence").
    The management is responsible for the tranquility of customers, and fixes the times when silence must be total.

    8 - VISITORS

    Visitors may only enter the campsite after permission has been given by the management, and are admitted under the responsability of the clients who receive them. Customers may meet their visitors at the reception. Visitors may use services and facilities of the campsite. However, they may be required to pay a fee for the use of these facilities ; the price is displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception.
    Visitors' vehicles are prohibited inside the campsite. (See : Special conditions of sale "visitors").


    Restricted speed-limits apply to all vehicles inside the campsite.
    Traffic is permitted from ... to ...
    Residents' vehicles only are allowed. (See : Special conditions of sale "visitors"). Parking is strictly forbidden on the emplacements, unless a parking space has been attributed for this purpose. Please make sure that parked vehicles do not hinder circulation within the campsite, or prevent new arrivals from setting-up camp.  


    Please refrain from any action which may detract from the cleanliness, hygiene and aspect of the facilities, especially in the toilet blocks.
    Please use the installations provided for the disposal of waste-water, as it is forbidden to let it run directly onto the ground or into the gutters.
    Household rubbish and waste of all types must be disposed of in the bins provided.
    Clothes-washing and dish-washing is forbidden outside the sinks provided for these purposes.
    Washing should be hung out to dry in the central drying area, if there is one. However, there is a tolerance for washing to be discreetly hung out to dry until 10.00am near to your accomodation, providing that it does not disturb your neighbours. It must be hung on a proper dryer, and not on lines strung up between the trees.
    Please respect the plants, trees and flowers. Do not nail into trees, cut any branches or pick the flowers. Digging is prohibited and it is forbidden to plant anything, or to delimit an emplacement by any personal means.
    All damage to the campsite's property will be charged to the perpetrator.
    All clients undertake to maintain the emplacements in the condition they found them on arrival.

    11 - SECURITY

    a) Fire prevention
    Charcoal barbecues and open fires are strictly forbidden. (See : Special conditions of sale "aspect and appearance of facilities"). All cooking equipment must be kept in good working order and must not be used in dangerous conditions. 
    All fires must be reported immediately to the management. Please use the fire-extinguishers if necessary.
    A first-aid kit is available at the reception.
    b) Theft
    The management is only responsible for objects on deposit at the reception, and for the general surveillance of the campsite. Customers are responsible for their own belongings and accomodation, and must take every precaution to safeguard their own possessions. Please report the presence of any suspicious people. 

    12 - GAMES

    No violent or noisy games may be organised near to the installations.
    Indoor communal areas may not be used for rough games.
    Children are the entire responsability of their parents, and must be kept under permanent supervision.


    Unoccupied caravans may be stored with prior agreement of the management, and on a place indicated by them. There may be a charge for this facility.


    Residents who disturb the confort of other customers, or who do not respect the present rules, may be ordered by the management to cease all trouble, either verbally or in writing, should it be deemed necessary. 
    In case of serious or repetitive infringement, and after warning as above, the management may cancel the contract (See : Special conditions of sale "infrigement").
    In case of criminal infraction, the management may call the police.

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